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Katarina Fan Art

Katarina fan art

I’d like to start with this piece that I’m really excited about. This started off as an experimental project based on my recent study into the female anatomy. It is definitely way important for every successful artist in almost every possible field. I believe a firm understanding of the human figure and it’s anatomical features will lead to more intriguing figures and interesting details that you would normally not even think about when drawing a figure.

Anyway, I decided that I would depict the League of legends champion Katarina, in a somewhat different way than most are used to seeing her.(gotta have those daggers in there though ;))

Also, on a side note. Before anyone who may read this laughs at me I have to say that I’m aware the breasts are too large to be anatomically correct, and still need some fixing. Female breasts are probably the third thing I find most challenging to draw next to hands and feet.

I’m still working on this, so far I put about 5 hours into it. I’ll be getting rid of all the nasty black outlines and refining the various shadows and highlights that will shape her beautiful body. I started doing this a little bit down her left side, and I like how it’s working out. Although I’m sure it will look much better with less negative space in the background. I’m not going to go into everything that needs work, because it’s an unfinished piece and well, let’s just say I have a lot of work ahead of me. But I will say the skirt for the moment is just a placeholder until I can figure out something more interesting for her to wear besides just the bottom of the swim suit.

I like to think a lot about what I’m painting in between sessions. Sometimes I will even sit and stare at what I’m working on for close to half an hour to try to really connect with my work. I can’t wait to see this  piece finished, and I plan on putting as many hours into it as it needs. I’ll most likely keep posting updates from time to time because I like to observe the artistic process in stages. I find it very interesting to see how different artist develop their work. I myself am still working to find my prefered style and workflow(seen by the black outline in this stage). It will come with a lot of time and painting.

Well, I think that’s about it for today. At first I wasn’t sure if I could get into blogging, a few years ago when it got big fast I had no interest in it because it seemed rather pointless to me at the time, but after looking into a bit more and trying it out for myself it’s kind of a nice thing to have. I’m enjoying it.

To end this, Here’s a  “protip” which I feel is pretty useful to knowledge. I’m fairly certain that some career artists out there don’t even know this one. So here ya go!

  • Pro tip: Highlights determine the shape of the figure, not the shadows. –This seems to be a common misconception even among many seasoned artists, hope it’s helpful. Until next time.