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Well here we go..

So, This is my first post. I suppose I should start by explaining my future goals and intentions for this blog, and a little bit about me to. It’s all fairly simple actually, I’ll start with a little back story. My fascination of computer technology and the internet sprouted very early on for me. I’d say the second grade is when my interest sparked, even though I had been exposed earlier on as well. However, that spark would remain dormant for years to come until not long after I had entered High School.

Goals and Intentions.

  • My mind on “paper” – Pretty self-explanatory, a lot of shit floating around up there, and I find that doing this actually relieves some tension. Expect heavily opinionated positions on a wide variety of topics. Feel free to comment no matter what your point of view on said topic would be. I am opinionated at times but I often enjoy discussing conflicting ideas.
  • Long term self growth – I have self motivation issues, some may call this laziness, but I feel like saying it my way gives it more finesse. I plan to work through that a bit by posting something everyday, no matter what it is I will find something to talk about. To add more to this section, I also want to refine my use of the English language through writing
  • Develop a stylish/modern look and feel for my blog – One word, duh.. 😀
  • As personal as you can get online – This is a bit more complicated, except not at all. I’m using this as a personal journal(refer to the first point above).  This is not a gossip blog, nor do I care who is following this, and who is not. Follow if you wish, if not, that’s cool to.

Now, let’s get back to that spark I briefly mentioned earlier. As I said, this spark wouldn’t manifest fully until I reached High School, sophomore year actually, I believe. Sad to say I can not remember at the time of this writing how we came up with it, but me and a good friend at the time came up with this “Great Idea”. We were gonna be game developers, that’s right, we wanted to found a company, and we were gonna make games. Now, before this I had interest in different aspects of web design, different coding languages, anything involving Photoshop(you will see with time that I’m quite the whore for it), to be specific. Having accumulated decent amount of knowledge in building a website, I was positive that I could do my part to pull off this big idea of ours. This friend I mentioned on the other hand, had no previous experience or skills required for building a game. At this point we were pretty much in a bind, not to mention, it was just us two on the “team”. Regardless, we decided to stick our chests out and push forward to see what happens. At the very least it would just be an interesting thing for a couple of 14/15(I forget..) year olds to work on.

Turns out that is exactly what it came out to be, but damn does it put a smile on my face every time I think about those days. I might mention that we actually were able to do a little bit of something though. In just under 4 months we had brought on a small following of kids from school, as well as  a few kids we had met online with a similar interest. Unfortunately, Not one of them had any talent at all towards our chosen field. Even with all that though we were able to deliver a working demo version of the first level(about 5 minutes of gameplay haha) of our epic space 2D scrolling shooter. I really with all my heart wish we hadn’t lost that file, I for one would most likely play that 5 minute demo every once in a while just for nostalgia’s sake.

I know that what we did may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but we had no idea what we were doing, especially me. I was on the internet all day researching every bit of knowledge I could on game design/development.  Getting from knowing nothing, to making a really shitty, but playable game was a difficult, and trying journey for us at the time, but well worth it. I suppose the moral here is that if you can think it, it is possible. Just knowing that something is possible is often the first step in working towards building an idea into reality.

Other things I plan to do with this blog is use it as some what of a art portfolio for myself, I may possibly also publish a few Photoshop tutorials for those interested. This blog doesn’t really have a direction, or business model, because as said previously, this is just a personal thing rather than a financial thing. The reason I bring up finances is because in the past few years blogging has just become a massive industry with a seemingly rewarding profit margin. I think it would be really fun to make some sort of e-sport media website/blog platform in the future. I feel like traveling to different gaming conventions/competitions and reporting on them would be great fun. Although, I think for now at least, that will have to rattle in my brain a bit longer.